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Details Top-Careers-in-Two-Years-Computers-and-Information-Technology

Top Careers in Two Years Job profiles include: - Positive quotes from workers in the field - Vital statistics for the job, including salary, training, and advancement - A "Keys to Success" checklist of required skills and interests - A description of ...

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Details Jakes-Parrot-Pack-Level-1-Dominoes

When Jake Stevens goes to work for some months in Ireland, he feels happy. He loves travelling, and talking about his job - making computer games for BananaTech in America.'Your new game's going to be the best thing at the Irish Computer Games Show!' ...

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Details Recoding-Gender-Womens-Changing-Participation-in-Computing-History-of-Computing

Recoding Gender Today, women earn a relatively low percentage of computer science degrees and hold proportionately few technical computing jobs. Meanwhile, the stereotype of the male "computer geek" seems to be everywhere in popular culture. Few ...

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Details Rebels-Against-The-Future-The-Luddites-And-Their-War-On-The-Industrial-Revolution-Lessons-For-The-Computer-Age

Rebels against the Future The first technology backlash was in 1811, when the Luddites fought to preserve their jobs by wrecking the machines that were to replace them. Their story inspires a new Luddite spirit in response to 20th-century ...

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Details Summer-Capricorn-A-Novel

Adam Nicholas abandoned classical music as a way of life in favor of a "real" job in computers, but the early 80's recession in the Silicon Valley interfered with his plans. Before he can lead the life he wants, there are two other experiences he must ...